Reign Water Remix

by Cinchel (Stems), Various Artists

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01 Bengalfuel - The Cold Appears (Bengalfuel Recipe)
Lower heat to start
Cut steak to hasten cooking
Season with spices

02 LAJ - Supernal Liquid (Reign Water Remix)
Randomly distorted
Stretched by Paul and rearranged
A new sound is born

03 DR - DR's Reign Water (Remix)
Open Window
in a Sleepless Night

04 Dave Dorgan - Late Spring (All Is Renewed Remix)
Hurry up and wait
Emotions pitch up and down
When the spring comes late.

05 Mathieu Lamontagne - Water, Dirt, Flower Food (Remix)
Un jour au travail,
Presque finir la séquence
Entrevoir le mur

06 Schemawound - Reclaimed Water (Remix)
Cinchel made nice sound
I did awful things to it
It may be ruined

07 3dtorus - Animals Take Shelter (3dtorus' Sheltered Edit)
such simple sampling,
imagine, adapt, shape, build.
mental wealth - a world.

“Cinchel's latest album "Reign Water" traces a liquid journey: water falling from heaven. Growth, life pushing through the soil. Faces uplifted toward the sky.” ~Joshua Saddler

Subterranean Tide's latest release has been selected to be used in “It's That Time Of The Month's” remix project. Each track includes stem material from the original work - “Reign Water” by Cinchel. More details on the project can be found at

All tracks are licensed under non-commercial, share alike Creative Commons Attribution. More information on Creative Commons can be found at

We are grateful to release this compilation featuring seven different artists – all bringing their own poetic voices and remixes to this project. In keeping in touch with the spirit of poetry within Subterranean Tide, each artist has additionally written their own haiku.

This is a fine example of just how diverse music can be when sharing source material between artists and bringing forth a new perspective on their work. Many thanks to Le Berger for bringing the project to light and encouraging artists to share in the CC music community. Special thanks to Cinchel for his enthusiasm and generosity in providing the source material.

~Emily Ferrell


released 15 April 2014
Artwork by Cinchel




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