by Lost Trail




Foliage Song

Now at last all spells are cast into ash,
and fall has settled down her sorrow wings
from fragrant summer remnants
to the smoking embers of field-burned
true autumn, all hard-bit cold in the
naked black of maples bent in fallow gust,
of solemn apples stitched with a pall
of leaves upon the sodden, weedy ground.
Time to see all windows battened shut
against the leaden grey first frost,
time for labored breath to fog in
these drafty hallways of splintered
wood and warping glass.
And still time left, yes, to wander these
wind-whipped back roads, heavy-coated
and peering towards depths unfathomed,
another sudden new year unreeling
like tape from a dark and broken housing,
as the lichen swarms the gravestones,
and each insect falls silent in the brambles.

~Zachary Corsa

"Veteran ambient duo Zachary and Denny Corsa's latest release is a single long-form improvisation. Recorded under icy conditions with broken equipment, Lamentations' minor-key, wistful motifs perfectly capture the bitterly cold weather of Lost Trail's North Carolina home.

Processed guitar loops bloom into a haunting choral refrain, backed by dense cassette tape hiss. Birds chirp peacefully in the background; field recordings placed as a sort of counterpoint to the thick, gritty wash of white noise.

As it slowly freezes, this forest laments its own demise. It calls to us that it is still here, pleading for its hidden pathways to be explored, remembered, before it vanishes beneath winter's mantle."

~Joshua Saddler


released 16 February 2015

Artwork by Lost Trail
Music by Lost Trail




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