Lamentations Part Two

by Lost Trail

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~ Emily Ferrell

Harvest Gathering

Will we raise these cracked glasses
to the collapsed ceilings of a
tarnished home once more?
The amnesia of the evening is doubling back
on itself, fraying and corroding,
sending its spent black swirls and mists
to coil along buckled staircases and walls,
letting slip through the dooryard into
the depthless woods, a strange decayed arithmetic
of cold yearning and blood offerings.

Now forgotten twilight blisters the far corners
of the landscape in a blazing storm of orange,
and the inevitable blue creeps across the pastures
like tendrils of a glowing smoke, a hex conjured
half-heartedly beneath the rotted porch's paper lanterns,
all sighing and peering out into the layers of haunted dark,
the ash and leaves in this season of earliest night,
new frost falling in silent drifts against the headstones,
a mask of bone held taut against the swell of years.

~Zachary Corsa

Lost Trail is Zachary Corsa / Denny Wilkerson Corsa. Recorded September 2015 @ Sleepaway Camp, Burlington, NC. Composed, Recorded, Produced, Mixed By Lost Trail, (c)


released October 4, 2015




Subterranean Tide Richmond, Virginia

Through art - we can almost touch divinity. And we are merely tiny individuals hanging out in this universe creating beyond what was thought possible. Musicians are constantly evolving and they are continually giving us the gift of music. This netlabel serves as a platform to bring together different sound artists and to briefly experience the poetry of sound within ourselves. ... more

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